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New Clients

Our consultations are by appointment only. The first Ayurvedic consultation lasts approximately 90 minutes to 2 hours. Please plan on being at the clinic for 2 hours. We recommend wearing loose, comfortable clothing and eating a light meal 1-2 hours before your appointment.
During the Ayurvedic consultation we will interview you to find out your main reasons for coming to see us. We will also use some diagnostic techniques used in Ayurveda such as Nadi Pariksha (analysis of the pulse at different depths), Jivha Pariksha (analysis of the tongue), Akruti Pariksha (analysis of the face), Drig Pariksha (analysis of the eyes), Nakha Pariksha (analysis of the nails), Akruti Pariksha (analysis of the posture and general appearance), and other holistic techniques. These will help us determine your Prakruti which is your original constitution based on the Doshas (energetic patterns of the body) and your Vikruti which is the current state of your Doshas.
Based on the information obtained the Ayurvedic therapist will offer you the recommendations from an Ayurvedic approach that will help you to maintain or recover the balance and equilibrium necessary for good health.

Forms to print and fill out.

Please bring to first appointment or scan and email to us.

Forms to read.

These will be signed at first appointment.